In 2013 and 2014 we worked extensively on the  TV series 'Glue', for Eleven Film.  This was a murder mystery series shown on E4 in the autumn of 2014 starring Jordan Stephens from 'Rizzlekicks', Faye Marsay and Callum Turner. It followed the racing community of a small rural village as they tried to unravel a murder, filmed in and around Lambourn.
Tim Stutt Health & Safety Services were initially brought in as advisors for the animal scenes but quickly became involved in other areas including sourcing the different animals and as general horse racing advisor.  Tim was asked for his guidance throughout the script writing process and helped liaise with the locations team, costumes, prop and art department. He even got to do a small amount of acting!

It was a fantastic experience and a steep learning curve, not least because it involved keeping the entire cast and crew safe, most of whom had no prior knowledge of working around horses.  The horses we used were a combination of stunt horses provided by Steve Dent’s professional stunt team and retired racehorses provided by HEROS.  The riders were often local stable lads, jockeys and a few professional stunt riders.
From a safety angle we had to put in place not just the crew and actors' safe working procedures, but we also had to make sure the animals received the highest level of welfare too. 

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